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We have been building a full-size R2-D2 for about two years!  It has been a blast!  We joined the R2-D2 Builders Club, which has been a ton of help.  We intend to fill this section out with our progress reports and photos.  At the moment,  I am having to re-build this section due to losing all my web pages.  Be patient.

In the meanwhile, I have been busy working on our prototype "Budget" R2 J.E.D.I. Control System, which we successfully demo'd at CIV in Los Angeles for the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Star Wars.  We had a GREAT time meeting so many builders as well as all the cool stuff to see and do! 

As a result of feedback and seeing how to do certain things "properly" at CIV, such as creating a fiber optic effect on the Front Logic Displays,  I went back to coding up some better effects.  The result is really good, so now I am looking to give back to the club for all the great parts by doing a "part run"  of my control system, including all lights and sound generation (sans speaker and amp since these tend to be droid specific, I think).  In this way, I can get PCBs made for all the parts so I have reliable (and replaceable) components for our droid.  

See the second link at left to go to the web page for more information.

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