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Budget R2 J.E.D.I. R/C Control System

The Budget R2 J.E.D.I. R/C Control System is my all-in-one R/C solution for droids. All commands can be entered using joystick strokes so that there is no need for a myriad of switches and extra remotes for performing droid functions such as lights, sounds, and actions.  The system consists of several parts:

  • A controller board for decoding the Joystick Enhanced Device Input (J.E.D.I.) commands and listening to sensors and activating the various outputs such as servos, motors, lights and sound.  Also has a very wide input DC-DC voltage converter for putting out 5V at up to 6 amps from a 8V to 32V battery input.  See the second link at left for an overview of the controller and the system in general.
  • A Vinculum Vmusic2 module for an MP3 sound interface using standard USB Flash thumbdrives.  See VMusic2 specifications on their website.
  • Three Holo-Projector (HP) boards for lighting up the HPs.
  • Two Front Logic Displays (FLDs) that can display various effects including scrolling messages and synced displays to sounds/music.
  • One Rear Logic Display (RLD) that can display various effects as well.
  • Two Process State Indicator (PSI) boards that also display various effects, and can sync to sound/music.

See the third link for an Excel spreadsheet of some of the J.E.D.I. commands we had at CIV.

See the fouth link for a Word document on the JawaScript language to be used to make programming  features of a droid a snap!

See the fifth link for a Word document on the JawaLite language to be used to talk to the FLDs, RLDs, Servo Expanders, and potentially other devices on a droid, based on Dave Everett's FLD command implementation.

The last link is to my notes on the VMusic2  module.  It contains information on how to use the VMusic2 module.

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